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List and connect your business

Whether you have a new or already established business, we can help it thrive through the use of our digitally enabled marketplace, offering you better customer connection, insights and advertising ability.

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Helping you move forward

Gain more customers

The algorithms will do their thing with keywords and search trends to help your business appear in more search results.

Run your business

As you would in the real world, you can run your business and manage your availability all on the app.

Put your business online

Find your business’s true potential by expanding your customer base from those in your local area.

Free up time in your day

By managing everything on the app, all your tasks, business management, and admin is done on your phone, wherever you are.

Communicate with your cusomers, better

Receive and reply to messages as they come in from customers. Your immediate response may result in a regular customer.

Set up an online store with Yep! in 6 easy steps.

Describe your business

Give customers a taste of what they can expect by telling them about your business and what you specialise in.

Drop a location pin

Let your customers know here you’ve set-up shop and add a pin to your location so they can easily find your store.

Design your look

Edit your online shopfront to stand-out in search results and give your business a unique and memorable appearance.

Define your services

List your business’s services and update them when necessary so that your client base has an idea of what you offer.

Determine your hours

Dive into the details of your business hours and when customers can get a hold of you.

Share your handles

If Yep! isn’t the only place where your business has an online presecne, then share the details of where else you can be found.

If you experience a glitch unexpectedly, simply send a screenshot of the trouble you’ve run into to and we’ll sort it out.

Have an app? Yep!

Download the Yep! app to browse the online aisles easily from the palm of your hand, and to monitor your online store easily and quickly.

Download it today and set up your own store in minutes.