about us

What is Yep!

Yep! is South Africa’s digital marketplace that provides a scalable solution to help grow and enhance the reach of local businesses.

It’s where you can search for and request services from trusted and vetted local businesses.

Because Yep! is geared towards economic sustainablility, it’s creating a long-term future for South Africa’s businesses.

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Does it solve any of your challenges? Yep!

If you’re a cusomer, Yep! helps you:

Find verified and reliable businesses.

Discover better quality service providers.

Receive several qoutes for the job you require.

Conveniently do everything Yep! related through its app.

Is everyone doing business online? They should be!

As a curious customer or business looking for business, Yep! offers you
the following benefits with its digitally enabled marketplace:

Search results

Whatever you’re looking for, Yep! makes it easier for you to find businesses, or customers (if you’re a business) through keywords and your location.

Discover different stores

With personalised branding and the ability to upload a list of services, businesses are able to find a range of new customers. Including you, maybe?

Quote requests

You can request a quote from any business that offers a service that you’re interested in. Businesses will receive all requests directly through the app, and will be notified on their mobile through SMS or email notifications.

Ratings and reviews

Your reputation is everything, but so is the reputation of businesses. You’ll be able to rate and review businesses after dealing with them, and they’ll be able to share their experiences they had with you too. Rave about businesses if they’re great and it could just help them grow.

Should your business be online? Yep!

Make use of our storebuilder

Our easy-to-use storebuilder helps you create a unique online store for your business that you can build your way. Personalise your storefront the way you want to and ensure that it stands out in search results.

Chat with your customers

With the Yep! app you’ll be able to respond to messages, accept quote requests and jobs, and finalise specific details with your customers.

Open an online store

Have an app? Yep!

Download the Yep! app to browse the online aisles easily from the palm of your hand, and to monitor your online store easily and quickly.

Download it today and set up your own store in minutes.