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Tygervalley Centre Service Rd Bellville Park, Stellenbosch University, Cape Town 7530, Western Cape

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Roof Inspections reports. leaking roof.

Tygervalley Centre Service Rd Bellville Park, Stellenbosch University, Cape Town 7530, Western Cape


Services on offer

We will iinspect your roof before you sell /buy and provide a full report

inspect roof for leaks ,damaged sections,repairs/waterproof and provide full report and cost estimations.

Per unit : R 450

I will inspect the house you buy/sell

home inspection. Detailed report on condition including roofs/waterproof,damp,maintenance,defects.Full report/cost east.

Per unit : R 1200

We will clean your house.wash ceilings,cupboards,floors,windows,

clean your house,vacuum,ceilings,doors,cupboards,floors,polish floors,clean carpets,dust,clean bathrooms,small repairs.

Per day : R 650

I will fix leaking roof, roof repairs, seal & waterproofing

leaking roof+ I provide waterproofing services

Per : R 950

We will inspect your property before you buy

home inspection on the condition of the property you wish to buy/sell.

Per : R 995

I will remove and replace damaged window putty and glazing/steel/wood

remove damaged deteriorating putty and apply new. Sand and varnish woodwork. repair damaged windows.

Per 1m-3m : R 350

We will fix your leaking roof

seal parapit. seal ridging.replace damaged sections.seal chimneys. fix fascias/gutters

Per m2 : R 120

I will inspect your house before you buy/sell your property.

home inspections from roof to door. full reports provided, buying /selling+ we can save you money

Per inspection : R 380

We will issue compliance certificates. One call and we will perform all.

Compliance certificates. electrical,plumbing,gas,beetle,roof@ one price inclusive

Per inspection : R 350

We will inspect your home before you sell or buy

home inspection ,roof inspection,defects, provide visuals, photos and full report. Compliance certificates

Per : R 480


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